Babinda Boulders

I visited Babinda Boulders in August 2014 with my family. We were travelling across Australia for a few weeks and this was very much towards the end of our trip, the few days we got to spend in northern Queensland.

It all started with one of my sisters needing a wee and us having to stop in this little town called Babinda. We went to the information centre and got into a nice discussion with the lovely lady who was working there. After telling her how to say ‘Hello’ in our language so she could put one more greeting in the entrance of her building, and after admiring all the butterflies she kept in her little office, she kindly suggested we should go have a look at Babinda Gorge and the Boulders. I was pretty interested already but as soon as she mentioned that ‘she hoped we brought our swimming suits because there is such a lovely swimming hole!’, she definitely got me.

I begged my parents to drive up there and so we did. And it was well worth it. The water was really chilly as it was ‘winter’ then in Australia, but it was oh so clear and lovely. It was one of the nicest places I have ever been to – there is not a lot I prefer to taking a dip in natural swimming holes. The surroundings were beautiful – everything was so green and tropical. It was just amazing.


IMG_4265  IMG_7770




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