My Bucket List

Most people I know have got a bucket list – and so do I. Usually, we all only concentrate on what we’re going to add to it and what we want to get up to next, but rarely do we look back at what we’ve already done and appreciate that. So that is exactly what I’ll do in this post: tell you what I have already been able to tick off my list!


Last August, my family and I travelled across Australia and from what it looks like, I managed to get quite a few things off my bucket list there! Snorkelling was one of them. But not only snorkelling – no, snorkelling in the one and only Great Barrier Reef! Unexpectedly, it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done (I definitely didn’t realise how scared I get out in the ocean among really high waves), but it was also absolutely amazing. It is crazy what world is hiding beneath these waves. As soon as you put your head under water, a whole new universe seems to open up to you. The coral were amazing and so were the fish. Definitely something I’d do again! Maybe just in water that is a bit more still than this one was!



I have always wanted to spend a whole night right under the stars – without any kind of protection or roof above me, not even a tent. And as you can probably already guess, I got the opportunity to do so in Australia last year. While we were in the Outback, we spent our nights in ‘swags’ around the bonfire. Surprisingly, it was actually really cold for Australian standards with temperatures below zero – it was definitely the coldest night I had ever spent outside. But at the same time, it was one of my best nights ever. There is something so peaceful and natural about sleeping right underneath a blanket of stars. I can hardly describe how magical it is to fall asleep looking at the Milky Way. I have such a vivid memory of us lying in our sleeping bags, all cuddled up, with noses as cold as they have never been before, being in a slightly uncomfortable position as we had to lay our shoes beneath our sleeping bags (so the dingos wouldn’t steal them) listening to the crackling of the fire and the travellers at the camp next to us singing Mumford & Sons and Oasis, and slowly falling asleep, as happy as one possibly could be. If you ever get the opportunity to do anything similar to this, go for it. It is honestly something I would love to do every time I go travelling. It will become a must in the future.



Another activity I was able to do in Australia. I’ve talked about in another blog post already, go read all about it here.


Again, this is something I want to do over again – it is far from a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ (even though it was still really special) and will hopefully happen wherever and whenever I can!

There’s probably more that I could tick off – does Table Mountain count as climbing a mountain? Or swimming in a tiny, ice cold waterfall at home count as swimming in a waterfall? It probably does. But I guess I prefer to leave it on there so I can make it my goal to do more cool things more often!

My bucket list is still so long – it has got everything on it, from taking an overnight train to running a half marathon to going up the Shard in London. Apparently, I really want to see the northern lights as well, as that one seemed to have made its way onto my bucket list twice already.

I am not even sad that my list is still so long, on the contrary. I am excited to be able to cross off a few more things in the near future, and hopefully I’ll be able to add new ideas to it every now and then as well.



  1. That’s awesome. I may have to borrow a couple of ideas for my list. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to put it on here. What was your motivation for creating your bucket list?

    1. Go for it! And I definitely think you should, I love seeing what ideas other people come up with for their bucket lists, there’s so many things you could do 🙂 I think my motivation is to always have something to look forward to, being able to make goals that I actually want to achieve and that will change my life forever, in a great way! I’m excited to read your bucket list one day 🙂

      1. I think I’m the same way, I’m always striving to accomplish different sets of goals in my life, so I figured why not make a bucket list. I’m gonna steal an idea or two for mine, haha. I’ll be sure to share my list with you if you wanna see it. Nice post!

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