Namaqualand – South African Spring

Last week, we had a week off from university. This obviously means that it’s time to pack our bags and go travelling. As Spring is just about to start here in South Africa, I decided to tick another place off my bucket list: Namaqualand. Whenever I told the other international students where I was going, I was met with surprised faces that said ‘What land? What is she talking about? Crazy girl!’. But ever since I read about this natural phenomenon, it was on my list of ‘places to go at a certain time of the year’. Namaqualand in Spring. When the rough moon-like desert turns into an ocean of colourful flowers, springing out of the rocks.

And so drove all the way up to Springbok, 550km north from here, close to the Namibian border. We watched as the roads became straighter and the landscape  more and more unforgiving – the towns further away from one another each time. A few flowers along the roads could be spotted already, but the real wonders were still waiting for us up there.

And we were anything but disappointed. We were so lucky to have beautiful days where the sun was shining in all its glory, getting the daisies to open up and smile back at it. This can’t be compared to anything I had seen before and I felt so lucky to be able to experience South African Spring in this kind of way. Nature has got so many miracles and this is definitely one of them.

Namaqua Natio





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