About three years ago, I was skyping with my sister while she was on ebay, bidding for a camera for me. Bidding itself was exciting and I was glad I ended up getting my analogue Nikon camera for what I thought was a pretty fair price.

I took pictures with it every now and then, but I wasn’t too sure what I was doing and I got scared I’d mess everything up, so I soon just decided to leave my camera at home. I had one or two film rolls that I filled with shots, but I was too afraid to get them developed in case they all turned out bad.

Recently, I decided I’d pick it back up again. I felt like I knew a bit better how cameras worked and I was excited to give it another go.

I took some pictures of friends that were visiting me – all of them friends that live far away and that I barely ever get to see.

I wanted to take pictures that were really special, in case they did turn out alright.

About a month ago, I finally finished shooting all twenty-four photos. I was nervous, but also very excited to get this roll developed, as it was filled with so many good memories. I chose the two-day development rather than the one-hour one just to save money, but I soon regretted my decision as I just couldn’t wait.

After two long days I went to go get the results. And I am so glad to say that I was very happy with how they turned out. Here are some of them that I would like to share with you.


when my boyfriend visited me in summer and we had coffee in the oldest city in Germany (the writing in the cup says ‘hold me tight’)


the oldest castle of Luxembourg


hiking in Vianden including packed lunches in tiny wooden cabins overlooking the valley


my 22nd birthday, spent at the frog pond close to where I live


view of the lower part of Luxembourg city


two of the friends that I made in South Africa visiting me at home


hiking the White Cliffs of Dover with Canadian sister and her friend


obviosuly including a picnic with a view


visiting friends in Leuven, Belgium


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