Sleeping on a beach, ft. sparkling sand

One year ago today, I was lucky enough to spend a night on a wonderful beach in South Africa with a bunch of other exchange students. It was a scorching hot day so we were all very excited to go to the beach. I don’t have very many pictures from that night, just a couple that I took during sunset. Instead of recollecting that night in this post, I will copy what I wrote in my diary the following morning. Here it goes:


I’ve just come back from literally one of the most amazing nights of my entire life.

Yesterday night, we went to Kogelbaai to go swimming, have a braai & then sleep on the beach. It all sounded really great to begin with already, but it just kept getting better.

We made our way there when the sun slowly started setting. The drive from Gordon’s Bay to Kogelbaai was gorgeous as always & we took it all in while listening to Jeremy Loops.

When we arrived in Kogelbaai, a lot of people were already there. It was a perfect moment to go for a dip in the ocean and it was just so amazing. The water was so nice and cold and the waves were sometimes so high that we couldn’t stop laughing about how funny it was that we almost lost our bikinis every single time.

Later on, some people started a fire and everyone gathered around it. We chilled around the fire for most of the night, had some food and just talked.

Above us was the most amazing starry sky; we could see the Milky Way and there were shooting stars every now and then as well. It was just so amazing.

I was lying next to the fire when Johanna’s flatmate came looking for us all excited. She studies Biology and was showing us some sea creatures earlier and said she had to show us something that was absolutely incredible.

I got really excited too and had pretty high expectations – and, oh boy, have these expectations been met. She was moving her feet around the sand and it was sparkling where she touched it! The water swam tiny lights ashore, the waves lit up neon blue when they crashed, the sand sparkled when we walked on it as if we were fairies, and we could draw lines of glitter in it. I have never seen anything this amazing and I couldn’t stop saying over and over again how amazing it actually was. It was as if the Milky Way was reflected on the ocean and the sand, except that it wasn’t just a reflection. It was like magic.

We stayed at the shore until we felt too chilly and went back to the fire to warm up before going to sleep. We chose a sleeping spot from where we could see the stars and fell asleep with a million shiny eyes watching us.

When I woke up this morning, the sun was already rising. The air looked clear and pink, a fresh day had started and you could feel it. My heart was just as full with gratefulness as it was when I fell asleep and I couldn’t and still can’t believe how lucky I am to experience something as incredible as this on a normal Friday night. These are the moments I live for.

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    1. Thank you! It is an incredible place and the colours of the sunset as usually helped with taking nicer pictures 🙂 And there’s nothing more beautiful than a clear, starry sky!

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