Wild Coast pt.2, ep.4

Day 3: Mpande to Lucingweni

Supposedly the hardest day. We left early so we could gain some time, which was probably a pretty good idea.


The first part of the hike was along the beach. As it was low tide, we were lucky enough to be able to walk on harder sand. It was a beautiful way to start the day.


Soon enough, we had to face the first hills of the day.


It was pretty tough at times, but nothing we couldn’t manage.


Officially at half point! We took pictures to set that milestone. It was good to know we had made it that far already without any major struggles.


As we went back down to the beach, we saw some more cows just chilling on the sand.


Day three was by far the hottest day of the hike and around noon, we had to take regular breaks. We cooled down in a cave-like place and watched the waves running up and down the beach before us.


It was a pretty amazing place and the rocks and shade really helped us cool down. Once we felt too chilly, we got up and lay on the sand in the sun. We didn’t have beach towels but didn’t really care about the sand getting absolutely everywhere. The sunscreen, sweat and sand made it impossible for us not to look like breaded chicken, so why even bother.


When the tide got higher, we decided to leave this little piece of paradise. At that point, we were already in Hluleka Wildlife Reserve. As we walked up a hill, we were accompanied by a mother and baby zebra, that walked super close to us, slowly up the hill as well.


We kept walking, and walking, and walking… one of the last hills was the longest and toughest ones. We stopped at a shop in which Lloyd bought as an ice cold bottle of coke and eet-sum-mor biscuits. All hail Lloyd for being the best guide ever and making sure we had that ultimate sugar kick to embrace the rest of the hill!

Whereas it had been quiet among us for a long time before that, we now found ourselves laughing non-stop and telling each other stories and jokes. We felt fully energised again.


We saw an absolutely massive cricket… with wings. There were times where this probably would have made me scream, but now I actually find these pretty cool and amazing. That day we also saw turtles and red horn bills, so overall, it was a successful day wildlife wise as well.


After our energy kick, we soon made it to Lucingweni, the village we stayed in for that night. This was probably the remotest village we stayed in. Although there’s apparently about 5000 people living here, there is no electricity and no running water. Which meant we took another bucket shower and spent the night with candle light, telling each other stories, and going to bed early.


Luckily, it was full moon, which made it so much easier to see things at night.


This was our house for the night. It was really good to experience this place that was so unlike anything we were used to.



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