Wild Coast pt.2, ep.5

Day 4: Lucingweni to Mdumbi

Another long and fairly hard day. We decided to start early again so we could take it slow during the day if needed.

The previous night also turned out to be a lot less serene than it may have appeared in my previous post… As there was no electricity, the whole place seemed to die down as soon as the sun set (which was fairly early). It was almost too quiet. Until during the night, when probably every single dog from the village decided to howl, all at once. This was just before 5am and I didn’t manage to fall back asleep again afterwards. So it was actually pretty good we left early that morning.


One of the first things we did that day was walking down to the beach through a forest and do a river crossing by boat.


We then continued walking along beaches for most of the day.


Even on day four, it was still hard to believe how incredibly beautiful our surroundings were. I don’t think I ever packed away my camera because there was another picture-worthy viewpoint on top of every hill and on every beach.


Our lunch break was again spent on the beach. Taking off our backpacks had been such a relief at that point that we mostly always just stretched on the beach and starfished.


All around us, the crabs were busy just running about and disappearing in the sand and doing crab things.


We walked on and on, until we made it to Mdumbi Beach. Right before that, we had to do a river crossing by foot. We got into our bikinis to make the most of the situation and also so our clothes wouldn’t be completely soaked. As we already looked ready for a day at the beach, we stayed down there for an hour or so just to enjoy the sun and the ocean before heading up to the village for the night.


The last stretch up the hill for the day.


Mdumbi was the last village we got to call home for one night. We stayed with the family in the pink houses pictured below.


The family that welcomed us was really large and so friendly. The father especially seemed to be very excited for us to stay with them.

There was another group of hikers staying at the same place that night, we had our meals together and talked about how the hike went for each of us.

We sat outside, playing with the dogs as usual, stretching as usual, and braiding each other’s hair, not as usual. It was like one big slumber party.

This village also had electricity and running water again. It was actually the first time we stayed in a house that had running water, so the shower felt like such a luxury.

We weren’t ready for this to be our last night of the hike and felt sad that the next day was going to be the last day of the hike.


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