First impressions of Zambia

Our tour finally officially began. We left our backpackers very early in the morning, walking around Victoria Falls (town) to meet up with the rest of our group. After we had all introduced ourselves, put our bags on the truck and found ourselves a seat, we crossed the first border. We took the bridge out of Zimbabwe on which the bungee jumping took place as well. The visa for Zambia cost $50 and didn’t take too long to get.

The rest of the day was then mostly spent driving. And we soon realised that that was going to be most of the trip, actually… Which is one thing I really didn’t love about it. Zambia looked beautiful, but we didn’t stop very often, as we were on a pretty tight schedule to get to our camping spot for the night.


impressions of local shops from the truck as we drove past

I especially loved the heaps of fruits and vegetables we saw almost everywhere


We stopped on the side of the road so our guides could by coal for the next few days.


I thought it was pretty amazing how they packaged it by weaving a sort of basket on top of it in order to fit more coal onto it.


We did stop in a town of which I unfortunately can’t remember the name… it was very close to Luangwa river. On the left side of the street, people were selling salted fish from the river (they had no refrigerators and this was their way of storing it). On the right side, they were selling everything you can imagine that could be made out of straw.


It was really impressive and so cheap as well. I wished we had had more room in our bags to buy baskets and hats, etc.


how to keep the boot of your car open if it just gives up


typical sight along the road – Zambian countryside and village


Zambia was a wonderful country, overall. Whenever we stopped in towns, we would usually walk around and try to find coffee somewhere. The people were really friendly and what I liked best is that they didn’t really care about you being there. We may have been the only white people around but still no one stared or ran after us trying to sell souvenirs. It was very unusual compared to everywhere else I had been so far and I really enjoyed that part.

The women were wearing the most beautifully coloured sarongs and it felt like each one of them was unique. I loved looking at them and was already hoping to find a place to buy my own at some point.

The country itself also just looked incredibly beautiful. There might not have been too much to see but it was so different to anything else I had seen before. I was especially surprised at how many kinds of beautiful trees there were everywhere to be seen.

I didn’t know what to expect of Zambia and didn’t know of anyone who had been there before and I was very positively surprised by everything we got to see and experience.


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