Tribal Textiles, Zambia

On our second full day in Zambia, we stopped at Tribal Textiles to get a tour of their workshop. They produce textiles that are all hand-painted by local people. The designs are truly beautiful.


We were explained the entire process: the artists first use a kind of starch to draw designs on fabric. The designs are all beautiful traditional as well as modern designs, inspired by Zambian nature.


The fabric is then air-dried until the starch has hardened.


Once it is dry, it is painted it in all kinds of wonderful colours.


Their colour combinations are what did the trick to me. Just look at all those wonderful shades of blue…


Once the colours are dried, they remove the starch and are left with beautifully patterned textiles.


Next to the workshop, there’s the shop selling the finished products: from tablecloths to pillow cases and much more. It is well worth checking out their website for more. I didn’t want to take too many pictures of the finished products and recommend you look at their own gallery for that.


Those are the kind of souvenirs that I like getting. They are so unique, and although they might be slightly more pricey, they are much nicer than mass-produced keychains.


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