Lake Malawi

Maji Zuwa was going to be our final destination in Malawi. This lodge was founded by an American and today welcomes a bunch of volunteers that work at the village. “Maji Zuwa” means “water and sun”, which seems pretty straightforward once you see the location: overlooking Lake Malawi and sunshine guaranteed (almost) every day.

We were going to stay here for a couple of nights and again set up our tents with the perfect view over the lake. On our first full day, we visited the village that the volunteers worked at. I decided not to post any pictures of this, as we visited a school and a hospital mainly, and I don’t consider those something I’d like to share as “touristic attractions” on this blog. I think I’d feel much differently about it if I had volunteered there myself and I would actually know what I am talking about. It wouldn’t be right for me to share this.

On our second day, we had the option of going on a hike to Livingstonia, a hospital on top of a hill (at extra costs). We decided against this as we didn’t feel like we were really able to enjoy the beauty of the lake until then. So what I ended up doing was staying at Maji Zuwa with a few other people from our group, going swimming in the lake, writing my diary, and visiting the village on the shore of the lake.

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these boats are carved out of a single tree trunk and used to go fishing (or playing) on the lake


the perfect area to chill all afternoon, right next to the bar and with a beautiful view over the lake

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We walked along the lake in the afternoon and soon got to an area where fishermen kept their boats and dried their catch of the day in the sun.


At the village, we visited some of the shops. The names of the shops no matter where we had been so far were pretty hilarious. Out of all the ones we’ve seen, I only remember a few: Unforgetable Shop, Eassy Night Bar and God Knows Butchery – and of course, Gods Love Is Pure Shop.

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The shop pictured below is where I finally got to buy my sarong! They had so many beautiful fabric and next time I go, I’ll definitely get more.


And this is how our time in Malawi came to an end. Again, it was all kinds of beautiful. I would definitely want to return one day. And next time I’ll go, I’ll make sure to be able to make the most of the nature: hopefully going snorkelling and seeing the famous fish of Lake Malawi and maybe go on hikes in the hills as well. But for now, the next stop will be Tanzania!


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