Malawi to Tanzania

This is going to be a fairly short, in-transit, blogpost. We left Maji Zuwa in the very early morning and were just about able to witness the sunrise over the lake. Another border crossing lay ahead of us so we couldn’t waste much time.


what all our days looked like basically – hours and hours on the truck


one of the last few typical views of Malawi: a house next to a huge Baobab tree


We crossed the Tanzanian border and paid another $50 for our visas. The Americans on our tour got pretty unlucky, as they were told they had to pay $100 each (which might have been a lie, actually). It took absolutely ages to get the visas as well, so we spent quite some time at the busy border.

Pretty much as soon as we had entered Tanzania, we noticed how different it was from every other country we had visited so far. First of all, people didn’t really speak English anymore and we soon realised that our less than basic knowledge of Swahili wouldn’t take us very far. It also seemed a lot more traditional. We stopped at a market so our guides could buy food for the next few days. Grocery stores didn’t really seem to exist anymore and the supermarkets we had been to in Zambia and Malawi now seemed pretty far away.

At the beginning, we were driving through fairly high areas. We stopped at a tea plantation to have a look at the plants and it was pretty chilly around there.


women walking along the plantation in beautiful dresses


The rest of our first day in Tanzania was spent on the roads. We arrived at our campsite really late that night. Tanzania was going to be the place where we’d be spending most of our time and it is worth checking the map again to see where we are at right now and how far we’ve come. This may have been half way through our trip and we are now in between “E” and “F”


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