Baobab Valley and Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

First full day in Tanzania and what an exciting one already. That day, we drove from Iringa to Mikumi. On our way, we crossed a region called Baobab Valley. There were Baobabs (or upside down trees as they are also called) everywhere we looked. They are such amazing and unique trees in my opinion and this area looked almost like it wasn’t real. Massive upside down trees sprung out of every bit of earth in between the houses.


selling bananas underneath the baobabs


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We stopped at this place just outside the town and managed to get some pictures of the trees from up close.


One of my favourite pictures from the trip is of me hugging this massive Baobab.

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After this wonderful pit-stop, we kept going towards Mikumi and arrived there pretty early in the afternoon (I’m sure that has never happened until then). After we had been served freshly pressed avocado juice, we set up our tents and got ready for the evening adventure: another sunset drive, this time at Mikumi National Park.

Mikumi National Park is probably not the largest and most famous park and we didn’t see a lot of extraordinary animals, but it was really enjoyable nonetheless. It was just nice to get out of the truck before sunset and do something else for once. The giraffes we saw at Mikumi actually looked so different from any that I had seen until then.

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I went all the way with my zoom and got a close-up of this beautiful giraffe.

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this little elephant had to snorkel his way across the savannah

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We stopped at a massive tree and were able to get out of the car and climb it. It was quite a lot of fun and such an impressive tree. (Can you tell I love trees?)

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Just as we were about to leave the park, hundreds of impalas crossed our path and did their best at looking amazingly beautiful in the light of the setting sun, happily skipping about.


Tanzania had been off to a great start with that wonderful day of a little less driving and being able to explore the area.


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