Snorkelling off an island in Zanzibar

Zanzibar was finally calling for some more activities. We decided we’d treat ourselves and go on a half-day snorkelling tour off the main island of Zanzibar. I had been snorkelling once before in Australia (read about it here) and although what I got to see there was beautiful, it was not too enjoyable an experience – mainly because of the waves out on the ocean and my fear of open waters like that. But I am glad I decided to give it another try and now definitely feel like it would have been ridiculous for me to be worried about doing this.


We walked from our hotel along the beach to hop on a wooden boat. Would you look at the colours of this water…


I tend to get a bit seasick but getting to the island wasn’t too bad, especially if I concentrated on the horizon. At one point, there were dolphins all around the boat, skipping out of the water. I had never seen dolphins before and that moment was truly magical. Too bad I didn’t get a picture.


This was the island in front of which we stopped to go snorkelling (Mnemba Island).


I had no real expectations, so I was amazed by what awaited me underwater.


Zebra fish! They’re probably not called that, but look at how cool they look. And they were so friendly as well! We would just float on the water for a bit, and they would completely surround us and come super close.


We also found Dory!


And some other super cool, long, dolphin look-alike fish. (If anyone knows what they are actually called, please tell me). I could have spent so much more time here, but too soon, lunch was calling.


Earlier, we had left a few of the guides on the mainland, where they had been preparing our lunch in the meantime. Grilled tuna with lemongrass, curried vegetables and rice. I never thought anyone would be able to create something this wonderful at a beach without any kitchens around. It was truly amazing, and the Zanzibari spices made all the difference.


We walked along the beach after lunch for a bit and then headed back into the water to get on the boat and head back home with open sails. This experience was worth every penny and it must have been one of the best days of the entire trip, if not the best one.

When we got back to the hotel, we made it our mission to enjoy our hotel bed for a bit before going for a sunset swim in the ocean and getting ready just in time for happy hour and another wonderful dinner. Zanzibar, you truly were paradise.


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