Beach life in Melbourne

About a year ago, my sister moved to Australia. Last month, I was lucky enough to be able to go visit her with my parents. We had travelled to Australia a few years ago as a family, but it was winter then, and we remembered Melbourne as a cold and rainy place. To our surprise, this time we actually went to the beach.

After meeting up with my sister in the morning, we started our very first day in Melbourne by going to Brighton Beach and admire the colourful houses with the skyline of the city in the background.


I’d say it is best to go to Brighton in the morning, as the houses light up in all their glory in the sunshine.


All of the huts are different and some people tried to make theirs extra special. The Australian flag one will most likely require queuing in order to be able to take a picture! But there are so many other nice ones to take pictures with in case you’re not in the mood for that (although I feel like it is almost a must to take at least one picture with it).


After Brighton, we made our way to St Kilda. The awesome thing about Melbourne is that although it is a pretty big city, it never really feels that stressful. The city centre itself is fairly chilled compared to other cities, but the holiday vibes especially come out in places like St Kilda. We walked out onto the pier to try our luck seeing one of the penguins that stay there overnight, and had a really nice view of the city once again.


At first, there seemed to be no penguins at all around – maybe we were still just a bit early. But then we spotted this little one among the rocks, probably still too young to hit the waves and go explore the oceans. We considered ourselves pretty lucky to have encountered such a cute baby penguin.


After this encounter with the local wildlife, we decided to sit down at the beach and watch the sun set. It had been a beautiful first day in Australia and we were happy to have felt the sun on our skin all day and to have seen so many nice places we had not seen the previous time in Melbourne.



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